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Touch - Francine Prose Maisie had 3 BFFs since preschool, and they happened to be boys. They used to be really tight until returned from a year-long visit with her mother sporting D-cup breasts. Maisie was no longer a kid, and neither were her 3 male buddies. Confusion, raging hormones, and peer pressure cause a rift in their friendships. It becomes wider when Maisie becomes more than just friends with Shakes, one fourth of her crew. The two other boys feel left out, and take their revenge by forcing Maisie to allow them to grope her boobs. In hopes of reconcilition, Maisie agrees and then things get out of hand. Was the touch consensual or was it molestation. Maisie, who is more confused about the events then she lets on, is not even sure of the real truth which comes out at the end.

This book is a tight and quick read. Like Lessons from a Dead Girl, it forces the readers into an uncomfortable place really quickly: is it still abouse if a teen's confusion about sex and sexuality leads them to consent?