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Hugs from Pearl

Hugs from Pearl - Paul Schmid Every now and then I read a children's picture book that just makes squeal and go "awwwww" until the cows come home, and "Hugs from Pearl" by Paul Schmid is one such book. Pearl is a sweet little porcupine who shares, plays nice, and is the best friend to everyone. Her classmates love her. Pearl likes to give her friends hugs but that is hard to do because they get pricked by her quills. Although it hurts them, her friends and classmates accept the hugs without too much fuss because the teacher keeps plenty of band aids on hand. Pearl doesn't like hurting her friends, so she goes on a quest to give painless hugs. I won't give away the ending but her solution is the most adorable childlike solution. With simple and spare pencil drawings and dreamy pastel water colors, Paul Schmid gives life to one cute and huggable porcupine.