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Clementine - Marla Frazee, Sara Pennypacker Clementine was a really cute book about a slightly hyper-active, but otherwise well-meaning 8-year-old named Clementine. Clementine reminds me a bit of Ramona Quimby, and fills me with just as many laughs. This book has several laughs just for parents and adults, and plenty for children. Second, third, and fourth graders will totally relate to the inner-thinking of Clementine, while some adults will suspect she might have ADHD. (Oh, how the medical community has corrupted what used to be just called youthful exuberance.)

Although this book was a quick read filled with lots of "oh no" scenarios, there wasn't a very clear plot to the book or underlying them except to see how much well intentioned mischief Clementine can get into.