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Anyone But You (Hqn Romance)

Anyone But You - Jennifer Crusie I love Jennifer Crusie's romance novels, and I've only read two of them. As a closer to 40-than-30-year-old mother of two, I appreciate a romance novel (or any work of fiction geared towards adults) with a female protagonist I can truly relate to. In Bet Me and Anyone But You, the leading ladies work wonderfully unglamorous jobs, have body/weight issues and have an unabashed powerful sex drive. Unlike their chick-lit counterparts, Jennifer Crusie's heroines are emotionally generous, educated, beautiful in their ordinary looks, don't obsess about the latest fashion trends, or are socially awkward neurotics.

They are normal women with normal quirks, and you can understand why the hunk du jour in Bet Me and Anyone But You fall for them and want them more than just for their looks. The ladies are witty, relevant, strong-willed without being the stereotypical bitch. The male characters are not as well drawn out as the women, but are presented as more than just two-dimensional and all-understanding eye candy that is featured in today’s more contemporary female-geared fiction.