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Crazy for You

Crazy For You - Jennifer Crusie I've been waiting months for this and my literary mouth is drooling....

October 14,2008 Within the last two days, I've been zipping through this novel. I've cleared something like 132 pages in two days which is such a feat considering my schedule.

Crazy For You (C4Y) has driven me crazy in a good way. You've heard about the butterfly effect? When reliable art teacher Quinn McKenzie dumps her boring boyfriend in search of positive change, she inspires nearly everyone she encounters in the small town of Tibbet to change as well. Some residents change for the best, and some change for the worst. The only person who is not willing to change is Quinn's inflexible ex-boyfriend Bill who will not take "no" for answer.

C4Y is so chock full of characters that it can be difficult to remember who is who. Some of the characters aren't really there to move the story along but to fill out personality of the town. C4Y is also one of the darkest Jennifer Crusie novels I've read. The stalker storyline kept me on edge as much as the sexual tension between main character Quinn and her hot ex brother-in-law, Nick.

All in all, I couldn't put this book down. I'm definitely a Crusie-o-phile now.