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Cow That Laid an Egg

Cow That Laid an Egg - Andy Cutbill,  Russell Ayto (Illustrator) This is a clever yet subtle book about friendship and adoption. Marjorie the cow has no special skill or talent that makes her stand out, so her friends the chickens lay a cow-spotted egg for her and slip underneath her while she sleeps. Marjorie and the farm becomes world famous as the first cow to lay an egg. (This part is almost reminiscent of Wilbur in Charolette's Web.) Her envious cow-mates don't like having the spotlight taken away, so they go out to prove that Marjorie didn't lay the egg. After weeks of waiting, the egg hatches and out pops a chicken. The chicken, being held by Marjorie, looks at its new mother and says "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" The chicken may not have come from inside the cow, but the cow is its Mommy. And what was especially touching is that Marjorie names her adopted baby "Daisy." (My first daughter's name is Daisy and I'm not her biological mother.)

The cut & paste and collage style of the illustrations are bright, funny, and make the farm animals surprisingly expressive.