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A Girl Named Mister

A Girl Named Mister - Nikki Grimes Although it has an interesting premise, this book is painful to read. Mary Rudine, a.k.a M.R. a.k.a Mister, is a good Christian girl who gets pregnant. Feeling ashamed and shunned by God, she turns to a book called "Mary, Mary." In it, Mary, mother of Jesus, describes being pregnant and unwed. The book flips POVs from Mary to MR as both their pregnancies advance.

It presents a view of a wrathful & unforgiving God. It is a view that often convinces people to stop believing or never believe at all--feelings that were all too familiar to me as a teen and young adult. This book is definitely written for a teen audience, because the language and style reminds me too much of my own angsty adolescent diaries--dramatic and badly written.