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Tantalize - Cynthia Leitich Smith Has Stephenie Meyers totally ruined your appetite for young adult vampire stories or star-crossed teen lovers or hunky ethnic werewovles like she did for me? Well, don’t despair! I’m about to introduce you to a genre-blending fantasy novel set in Austin, Texas that will restore your faith in the undead. Let me introduce you to Tantalize, Cynthia L. Smith’s homage to food, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juilet.

Quincie P. Morris is like your every day regular teenager if that teenager’s best friend was an Irish-Mexican hybrid werewolf and she stumbled upon a murder at her family’s vampire-themed restaurant. Quincie is struggling with her feelings for best friend Kieren, who will soon be leaving to join wolf pack, as well as trying to reopen her late parents’ bankrupt restaurant with her slacker Uncle D. Things get really complicated with Quincie’s growing attraction to the new chef, who is wooing her into a world of wine, sensuality and vampirism.

With endless amounts of humor, shape shifters, vampires, and a serial killer on the lose, it is needless to say this is not your regular cold, dreary, Washington State-based horror-love story. Tantalize is a thinking reader’s horror novel that you must simply take a bite out of.