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How I Changed My Life

How I Changed My Life - Todd Strasser Kyle blew out is knee and can no longer play football. With interest in nothing else, he is floating through senior aimless and on the verge of being left back. Bo was always the chubby girl who knew her role as wallflower and played her position. That is until she lost weight. Suddenly, Kyle and Bo are at a crossroads. Do they take a chance to change or stay on the road they've been traveling and not upset the status quo? When they do decide to try something new, they face the wrath and the confusion of their friends and family who prefer to keep them in their current social box.

This is the best Young Adult novel I've read year although it was published in 1995. The morale of the story is so heavy, but it is told lightly without losing it's punch. Told in alternating points of view, the story was readable, funny, adorable, quick and even a little emotional. (I did get choked up in the end). Although the book has a very girlie cover, it is perfect for both boys and girls. It is realistic fiction that is not depressing.