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Penguin - Polly Dunbar This is a hilarious story about a little boy who is frustrated with is mute penguin. Well, he thinks his penguin is mute until something extraordinary happens. The antics that Ben, the little boy, goes through to get his pet Penguin to speak will make adults smile and little ones chuckle as they recognize themselves. (Imagine all of the "I would do this..." statements this book will get from any child or group of children you read it to.)

The writing and the illustrations are spare, but pack a wallop. Polly Dunbar used vibrantly colored mixed media to create the illustrations. The lion in the story (yes, there's a lion) is made with a material that almost beckons you to touch.

I can't wait to read this book during a story time! Definitely good for children 5 years and up! Also, good for children who need help in matching facial expressions to emotions.