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Faking Faith

Faking Faith - Josie Bloss In actuality, I would give this book 3 and half stars. The last three or four chapters that made up the epilogue of the main character's story felt tacked on as though the reader wouldn't be able to make the logical leap of what would happen next in Faith/Dylan's life.

Dylan becomes ostracized at her school after a humiliating sext goes viral, and her workaholic parents can't really be bothered with their daughter. With no social life or friends, Dylan finds solace in the internet world of fundamentalist Christian girls. Creating a fundamentalist Christian alter ego known as Faith, Dylan becomes best friends with Abigail--the queen bee of the homeschooled Christian Girl blog set. She worms her way into spending two weeks with Abigail's family and learns some valuable lessons about herself while offering Abigail and her older brother insight's about themselves.

I give it to the author for trying to present Abigail's strict Christian lifestyle with fairness and without mockery. She did a good job of showing both the upsides and downsides of the girls' polar opposite lives. I did think she was a little heavy handed in her feminist message. I don't think she made it clear enough that a woman can be feminist and still enjoy cooking and taking care of a family.