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Little Beauty

Little Beauty - Anthony Browne Gorilla lives in a zoo but he has a TV, a recliner and eats and drinks from plates and cups. He is lonely, so his handlers give him a kitten (Little Beauty) who becomes his close friend. One day when he watches King Kong on television, he becomes so angry at the story that he breaks the television. Angry at Gorilla and scared for Little Beauty, his handlers threaten to take away his friend. But someone comes to Gorilla's rescue. Who could it be? Its Little Beauty. She learned sign language from Gorilla and tells the handlers she broke the TV. So in the end, Gorilla and Little Beauty live happily ever after. This story is a little bit of a play on Kong and the traditional Beauty & the Beast, and can be used to teach children about using words to express their anger and being loyal in the face of diversity.

I adore Anthony Browne's art. It is more sophisticated looking than the usual children's picture book art, but the detailed facial expressions make the characters relatable. I just fall in love with all of his Gorillas.