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I'm Nobody! Who Are You?: Poems by Emily Dickinson for Young People

I'm Nobody! Who Are You? - Emily Dickinson, Virginia Euwer Wolff I don't like nor understand most poetry (that isn't written for children). I'm a lazy reader that way. I don't want to read something 3 to 5 times before I can understand it. Usually, if I want spare, I read plays. However, I found some of Emily Dickinson's poems sad yet beautiful and brimming with strength, and I understood them immediately.

"No rack can torture me,
My soul's at liberty.
Behind this mortal bone
There knits a bolder one

You cannot prick with saw,
Nor rend with scymitar.
Two bodies therefore be;
Bind one, one one will flee.

The eagle of his next
No easier divest
And gain the sky,
Than myest thou,

Except thyself may be
Thine enemy;
Captivity is consciousness,
So's liberty