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Take Me

Take Me - Bella Andre Take Me is an erotic romance story of redemption between plus-sized plain Jane, Lilly Ellis, and playboy architect Travis. Lilly is best friends with Travis' twin brother, Luke, but Travis has always had her heart. Travis stopped paying attention to Lilly twenty years ago after his parents died, because she brought out his softer side. The story started out choppy and annoying when Luke advises Lilly to play a game on his twin to teach him a lesson. (After starring in her sister's fashion show, Lilly reveals an super seductive side and beds Travis. Every one is convinced that Travis took advantage of Lilly hence Luke's cruel prank. What he Luke didn't realize is that once he had a taste of Lilly, Travis wouldn't be able to ignore Lilly ever again. Despite some stalkerish qualities, Travis is really a good guy under all his protective emotional armor and his character arc is believable. Lilly, on the other hand, is a character we can sympathize with until two-thirds through the book when her insensitivity makes her appear neurotic.

There are sex scenes a plenty. They are steamy and Lilly & Travis burn up the pages. Once the lovers venture to Italy, I'm sucked completely into the story and there was no turning back even when Lilly made annoying decisions. If you want a book where a plus-size heroine is worshiped but not fetishized, Take Me is a good choice.