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Story of a Girl

Story of a Girl - Sara Zarr
*EDIT 2/5/13: If you want a similar read, check out Uses for Boys."

Story of a Girl is the compelling and gripping debut novel by Sara Zarr. It is young adult fiction with heart, compassion, and insight.

When Deanna Lambert gets caught having sex in the backseat of a car at age 13 by her Dad, her life is ruined. It is a mistake she has to relived every day of her life for the past 3-years. In her small town, Deanna is known as the school slut--a reputation she can't shake. Even her father perceive her as such. Yet, during the summer before her junior of high school, Deanna makes a brave decision to remake herself. But the dilemma is this: does it matter if she reamkes herself when everyone continues to see just the old her?

I won't give away the ending, but this emotional roller coaster of book will not leave you disappointed. It is the best Young Adult novel I've read since Luna.