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Bink and Gollie, Two for One

Two for One - Alison McGhee, Kate DiCamillo, Tony Fucile I am officially a Bink & Gollie addict. Two for One is simply hilarious. I love how it catches the guilelessness of children without being sappy. The humor is both subtle and over-the-top. The more sophisticated the reader, the funnier the book becomes. My favorite thing about Bink & Gollie are their sometimes slightly age inappropriate insightful conversations. Below Bink and Gollie are deciding on their last event at state fair.

"What's next" said Bink....
"Destiny," said Gollie.
"Destiny?" said Bink. "Is it a ride?"
"In a manner of speaking," said Gollie.

OMG! What 8 year old talks like that? I love it.